Friday, 4 November 2011

Today i asked my dad about my scholarship form ,he knew that i'll buy a mobile with the sum , so he broke out at me that ," you should not think about wasting money ,on being getting inspired by your friends instead u should the inspiration of earning money from them and you would be more successful n your life ."
        Though his remarks hurted me but i tried to take it in a positive way and decided that i would not buy  a new cell phone .I m using a CDMA handset which is hardly used by any college going girl this days ,my friends mock at me saying that my phone has gone obsolete and i must boy a new i decided that when i'll get scholarship this time i 'll definitely buy a new handset .
              But due to my fathers suggestion i dropped the idea .then by the afternoon i had a new idea ,i just realized that my sisters has bought a new phone recently and now her old phone is free ,so i can use that .her phone had got worn out therefore it needed some repair that would hardly cause 80 bucks and  a new simcard ,now i was very happy and quite excited also that although i cant buy a new cell phone but still i had a chance to have a full multimedia handset of my sisters with all the advanced facilities. Having a gleam of bliss on my face i went to my mother and asked for 100bucks, my excitement was at peak when a sudden through of words flushed out all my zenith .My mother said that ,"Please make sure that your sister doesn't want this any more........" The words seem to be very kind and genuine but actually her facial expressions were saying that go back dear ,n u cannot buy a phone until you do not earn.
than all my dreams shattered and i decided to drop this plane also .than i realized that its really hard to understand relations sometimes though you try to give your best to the relations but sometimes even your little desire could strain them .So finally i have dropped the idea of getting  a new phone  and i am continuing with my CDMA RELIANCE atleast till my i get my first salary.............